Lane Scoring Setup

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Step by Step Lane Setup Wizard

The lane scoring configuration software is designed to be simple, yet comprehensive. The 'setup wizard' will guide you step-by-step through each of the configuration screens. If you make a mistake, it will help you to go back and correct it. You will enjoy the simplicity of calibrating the ball speed on each lane, and the ease of configuring the camera at installation time. The Installation Manual provided will guide you through all the required procedures, so you can install DuoHD with little assistance.

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Zero Mechanical Camera Adjustment

DuoHD's camera is leveled and focused prior to packing and shipping, and is ready to go.  Any fine adjustment to the position of each pin is easily done by using the 'Setup Wizard'.

Pin location is automatically determined through the Wizard process.  Individual pin positions can also be specified for those difficult lighting situations in the Pit area. You will be amazed at the ease of using the 'Setup Wizard'

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Electronic Diagnosis

DuoHD has proven to be one of the most reliable scoring devices in the industry, with an extremely low rate of error correction.  On some occasions, mis-scoring may be related to maladjusted pinsetter 'rakes' or other components, which cannot be adjusted via the 'Troubleshooting Wizard' built into the Lane Scoring software. 

In such situations, the Computer Score software has the facility to 'capture' images of the troublesome lane pair pinsetters in operation, transfer the picture into an AVI  image, which is easily e-mailed to the Computer Score support address, for analysis, diagnosis and solution. 

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Pinspotter Connections 'Easy Check'

The DuoHD 'Troubleshooting Wizard' software will check all connections to your pinspotters easily and quickly, from the 'Bowler Keypad'. 

Select the desired connection you wish to check and watch the pinsetter activate the matching action. Other connection inputs such as Foul and 2nd Ball (If present) are also checked with the 'Wizard'. 

Step over the Foul Line and see the indicator display on the screen.  It couldn't be easier!

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Error Log

Lane Scoring hardware or software functions are automatically 'captured' to a log during the day.    The 'Error Log' retains the sequence of functions of the Lane Scoring hardware and software - a technician's helper in diagnosing any anomalies, by vewing the list.

This log can be viewed or saved and e-mailed to your support representative for further analysis.   You are never alone with Computer Score.

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Language Selection

DuoHD does more than display "Help" information to bowlers in other languages. The technicians may also view all the 'Wizard' Setup and Troubleshooting pages in any of the languages from the list provided.