Point of Sale

Computer Score's fully integrated Point Of Sale Cash Control system is extremely easy to use. Combinations of up to ten various items can be sold in one common transaction with the touch of a single item button. Unlimited Departments and Items  can be easily set up in seconds, according to your individual requirements.

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Customer Accounts

Schools, Corporate Groups and regular Clubs can charge their purchases to a permanent account, have an invoice generated by the software, and allow them to pay at a prescribed future date. Other customers can charge their purchases to a TAB account, allowing them to include multiple transactions on their TAB and pay in full at the end of their stay. Balances of both Tabs and Accounts can be transferred between the Control, Café and Bar Counters, allowing your customers to make one payment for all transactions at one Counter.

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Locker Rental

Computer Score software handles Locker Rentals easily and simply. Yearly, Monthly, or from ANY date to ANY date, you can satisfy your customers' needs - even to allow multiple regular payments, or share lockers. The Locker Program will generate management reports to show your Total Lockers, those Available, Rented or Due for Renewal, and also access the bowler's details, including their league average and Club Membership number.