Cafe & Bar

The Café and the Bar modules utilise the same software design as Center Command, but are operated as   separate Point Of Sale locations. They do not require connection to the Computer Score network, but if on the same network, their software and transaction facilities can be accessed from the Bowling Point Of Sale as well.

Items and prices are individually set up for the Cafe or Bar locations, and Management Reports will include all income and details for each particular location. Detailed reports for every Shift, Day, Week, Month and Year are available for each location - Bowling, Cafe and Bar - but the software allows for entry of total income from the Cafe and Bar to be included with the Bowling income, if desired. By this method, totals of all the income areas can be jointly presented on one Report, if necessary, for your convenience. Setting up of Items and Prices for each income area uses the same structure, so that your personnel is able to operate any one, or all of the locations comfortably.                  .

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Cafe, Bar or Other?

Other modules may be added to the Computer Score range of locations, such as 'Laser Tag' or 'Mini-Golf', if in the same building. Each of these locations will have its own individual Point Of Sale Items and Prices, and individual Management Reports for each Shift, day, Week, Month and Year. Items and Prices can be changed in a few seconds.