Financial Management

All your centre's information can be accessed from your home or office computer.

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Customer Accounts

Schools, Corporate Groups and regular customers are able to charge their purchases to a permanent account, allowing them to pay at some future date. Other customers can charge their purchases on a Tab, allowing them to include multiple transactions on their Tab and pay in full before leaving. Balances of both Tabs and Accounts can be transferred between Control, Café and Bar, allowing your customers to make one payment to for Control, Café and Bar transactions, from the one point.

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Locker Rental

Your lockers may be rented for any desired period of time to any date of your choice. Alternatively, a global expiration date may be used to specify a date when all locker rentals become due. Often bowlers want to pay for their lockers in more than one payment. Computer Score's Locker Rental system allows you to take multiple payments from the bowlers and keeps a running total of the amount paid so that you can tell whether each bowler has paid the full amount for the locker. Complete locker reporting is available enabling you to view or print reports listing rented, available and overdue lockers based on any date you care to choose!

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Flexible Reporting

Center Command includes an immensely powerful and flexible ability to query your financial data to answer just about any question you can think of. Reports can be generated for any POS item, over any time period, even reports based on each shift in the day. The quantity of combo specials sold can also be reported because Center Command also tracks transactions based on the POS Macros that were used.

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Quickbooks Export

In addition to Center Command’s built in reporting system, daily Point of Sale totals can be exported into your Intuit Quickbooks accounting package allowing you to generate ageing reports as well as invoices and statements for your outstanding accounts.