Q: There are messages on the upper monitors but I can't put a scoring grid up?

A: You have communication to the network, which is good. This means the network is working! But doesn't solve the problem! When you recently changed your scoring units you have most likely set the lane numbers incorrectly or not set the lane numbers at all.

  1. Disconnect the network connection from the back of the scoring unit and wait for the Welcome (lanes not connected) screen to appear
  2. Enter an amount of players (1) and press play
  3. Ener the configuration screen and follow the Setup wizard all the way through to the end.  The lane numbers are set on Step 1.  When completed, press Enter to save the changes and return to the score grid
  4. Turn off the scoring unit, reconnect the network connection and turn on the scoring unit.
  5. Now re-attempt to start a scoring grid on the lane number in question and check to see if the scoring grid has appeared on the correct lane.

If this procedure does not correct the problem please contact your Computer Score support staff. Computer Score recommends that a technician that is familiar with the scoring hardware is available to help to correct this problem.