FAQ Scoring

Q: There are messages on the upper monitors but I can't put a scoring grid up?

A: Check the lane numbers on the scoring units... Read more

Q: The bowler picture that I have created is distorted when showing their pindication replay, how can I fix it?

A: This picture dimension should be 640 W x 480 H (pixels) [...]... Read more

Q: The system is not scoring at all on the first or second ball on one lane only, the other lane is scoring well!

A: Your ball detection units are out of alignment. [...]... Read more

Q: Both lanes are not scoring properly. (Non Bruns GS machines)

A: The issue is most likely a camera alignment problem... Read more

Q: Both lanes are not scoring properly. (Bruns GS machines)

A: Check where the LLAN cable plugs into the Brunswick controller.... Read more

Q: I configure the camera and it only scores correctly for a few frames or games.

A: The problem is that your cappings that hold the camera unit have come loose.... Read more