FAQ Technicians

The scoring hardware for the DUO system can be broken into five basic items, that combine to be one of the simplest systems available on the market today. Buy your own monitors and optional Computer equipment and you are ready to go.

FAQ Scoring

Q: There are messages on the upper monitors but I can't put a scoring grid up?

A: Check the lane numbers on the scoring units... Read more

Q: The bowler picture that I have created is distorted when showing their pindication replay, how can I fix it?

A: This picture dimension should be 640 W x 480 H (pixels) [...]... Read more

Q: The system is not scoring at all on the first or second ball on one lane only, the other lane is scoring well!

A: Your ball detection units are out of alignment. [...]... Read more

Q: Both lanes are not scoring properly. (Non Bruns GS machines)

A: The issue is most likely a camera alignment problem... Read more

Q: Both lanes are not scoring properly. (Bruns GS machines)

A: Check where the LLAN cable plugs into the Brunswick controller.... Read more

Q: I configure the camera and it only scores correctly for a few frames or games.

A: The problem is that your cappings that hold the camera unit have come loose.... Read more