FAQ Front Desk

Computer Score's fully integrated Point of Sale Cash Control system is extremely easy to use. Up to ten different items can be sold with the click of a single button. There is no limit on the number of buttons and departments that can be used, each being easy to set up, according to your individual requirements.

FAQ Control Lanes

Q: Why don't background colors display on my printouts? Such as Meter Readings etc

A: Print Background colors and images need to be enabled in Internet Explorer... Read more

Q: Why aren't games removed from the lanes when the transaction is voided?

A: The system has not been told to remove the games but only to cancel the transaction.... Read more

Q: Some Casino Winners receipts are not being printed

A: Some workstations may not have a receipt printer installed... Read more

Q: The Booking I Just Altered Has Disappeared Off the Booking Sheet! Why?

A: The booking most likely has over 1000 games assigned... Read more

FAQ Point of Sale

Q: How do I sell two or more pro-shop items at the same time?

A: This request can be done through Other Transactions ... Read more

Q: Why does my system tell me I have to do a Database Close?

A: You may need to Close Completed Deposits... Read more

Q: The barcodes that I have allocated to hidden macros say the macro is unavailable.

A: Any barcode that is allocated to a macro that is hidden will display a macro is unavailable message. Correct this by putting required macros in a hidden department.... Read more

Q: My Customer Accounts and Balance Sheet Items are displaying incorrect amounts.

A: A Full Point of Sale Validation should correct this problem... Read more