Q: What is Version 3

A: Version 3 contains many many new features as well as an updated screen presentation to comply with XP and VISTA standards.


What's been changed or improved in the Main Menu?

  1. Introduced a new Point of Sale module called "Misc" which center's can use for Laser Tag or Putt Putt facilities. (Additional cost, please see your Computer Score rep for more details)
  2. Improved screen presentation by removing background images and displaying generic colors
  3. Improved reporting functions for many modules within the system


What's been changed or improved in Control Lanes?

  1. Added an option to Workshop Lanes for operators to enter a password when removing "Workshop" from a lane.
  2. Control Lanes will restart itself if it has been left running overnight. This is handy for those centers that leave their computers turned on while the center is shut.
  3. Improved the selection of a lane or group of lanes where the system will highlight the entire outline of the lane.
  4. Fixed issues for Pay After transactions :
    • Fixed issue where 10 players and 1 game have been specified, the system will allow the group to bowl additional games.
    • Fixed issue where 1 game and unknown players will also allow the group to bowl additional games.
    • Improved the calculation of Pay After games and have also introduced a Pay After icon on top of each lane.
  5. Fixed bowler picture issue where a bowler's picture will not appear unless the operator recovers the lane.
  6. Introduced a warning message where there may be a workstation with a different time and/or day and/or time zone setting on the network using Control Lanes.


What's been changed or improved in the Booking Sheet?

  1. Combined Booking Sheet and Waiting List into the one screen
  2. Major improvement to the Booking Sheet appearance where bookings appear in a singular block instead of multiple blocks for each booking. This is a major improvement to allow users to see the status of a booking at a glance and improves the ability to select bookings particularly on busy days.
  3. Added icons to denote every status and booking type
  4. Added legend to inform operators the definition of all Booking Sheet Icons
  5. Staff have the ability to add reminders for a particular day
  6. Booking Sheet can be printed with Booking Sheet Icons and in color (if color printer)
  7. Multi-Lane bookings will not be split until the booking is delayed by more than an hour
  8. Added center specific features relating to the Booking Sheet such as "Late Bookings", "Tolerance Time" (for bookings that clash on busy days) & Lane Allocation" (for corporate lanes)
  9. Booking Sheet will now remove a league automatically that has been deleted or skipped in the schedule. Note: If the league's week has not been deleted, the Booking Sheet will still hold the league until 30 mins after the expected start time.
  10. And many many more improvements...


What's been changed or improved in League Secretary?

  1. Introduced a League and Tournament Wizard to help with the initial setup of a new League or Tournament
  2. Any options not applicable to a League or Tournament will not be shown
  3. Improved button labels specifically for Tournaments throughout the League Secretary module
  4. Added a New Season start date to allow the system to "book" lanes for the league's new season
  5. Introduced a League Secretary Report - Shows Membership Status, Sanction number, Current Average, Total Games, Total Pins, Carry Average and Carry Games
  6. Improved Standing Sheet HTML creation to ensure that all files and hyperlinks are created consistently in lower case (affects centers that upload Standing Sheets to their website)
  7. Removed old ABC, WIBC & YABA awards and created up to date USBC and TBA awards.
  8. Added Team Captain field into the Team Details screen (used for USBC award printouts)
  9. Added Left and Right Handed fields into the bowler details screen (used for USBC award printouts)
  10. And many more subtle improvements...


What's been changed or improved in Point of Sale?

  1. Introduced an automatic reminder for staff to clear out any excess cash in the cash drawers (safe drop)
  2. Quickbooks Export is fully functional with Quickbooks 2008-09 Tax Code Changed
  3. Introduced a restriction on the amount of a league prize fund that can be removed from a league's prize fund in any day.
  4. Introduced the ability to show and hide macros based on a time and date schedule. A schedule, once setup, can be used for multiple macros and includes settings for Time of Day, Days of the Week and up to four date ranges.
  5. Added intregation for Berg All Bottle Liquor Control System. (Additional cost, see your Computer Score rep for more details)
  6. And many more improvements...

You should find that these improvements will greatly improve the functionality of Computer Score and Control Lanes. Please contact your region's support office if you are interested in Version 3 software or would like to know any additional information. Computer Score is always looking for feedback on how to improve our product, so, if you feel Version 3 is not quite what you expect or may need improvement, please let us know on how we can improve the product for the next release. In the meantime please enjoy using Computer Score Scoring Systems.