Q: Why do scoresheets sometimes print to my office printer.

A:  The Control Lanes program is reponsible for printing scoresheets.  If Control Lanes is running on a computer, then that copy has an equal chance of determining that a lane has finished and a scoresheet is required.  If that computer does not have the Scoresheet printer install in Windows, then it will send the scoresheet to whatever is the default printer for that computer.

  1. Make sure that your scoresheet printer is shared and is installed on all computers on the network. 
  2. Print a Windows Test page to the Scoresheet printer from every computer.
  3. Then, go to File --> Printer Setup in Computer score and select the Scoresheet Printer from the drop down list in the Open Scoresheet and League Scoresheet tabs.  Select 1. Standard Windows for the Model type.  (Unless you are using an old Dot Matrix type printer) (Not recommended)