Q: The handicaps on the upper monitors are different to what is displayed on the recap sheets?

A: The reason for this is that an operator has viewed the Standing Sheet for the week that is displayed on the Upper Monitors. If an operator or a bowler realises this mistake before the commencement of play this can be easily fixed. Follow this procedure in the following order: The operator will require a 'Shift Managers' level password

  1. Open the incorrect league and select F1 League Setup and press Edit
  2. Change the current number along side 'Next Match is Week' to display '1' (one) and press OK and Save Changes then Exit
  3. View the Standing Sheet for the week before the current week. For example if todays league date is 27/6/09, then view 20/6/09 Standing Sheet.
  4. Return to Control Lanes, End all teams that the league is bowling on with an 'End Save No'
  5. Now place all teams back on the lanes for the correct week eg: 27/6/09. All the handicaps should now be correct.