FAQ Leagues

Q: How do I display the Star Bowler of the Week Awards on the Standing Sheet?

A: Select the desired Star Bowler of the Week Award from the F1 League Setup tab... Read more

Q: Can I change the amount of players or games in a league after weeks have been bowled?

A: This procedure should only be performed by a Shift Manager... Read more

Q: I am trying to select a bowler from the Name Entry screen on the upper monitors, but their name is not displaying?

A: Enter a display name for this bowler... Read more

Q: The handicaps on the upper monitors are different to what is displayed on the recap sheets?

A: The handicaps on the Recaps Sheets are the correct handicaps... Read more

Q: How do I remove bowler's carry average for the beginning of the season?

A: Select "Set Carry Games" from the "Edit" Menu in F2 Team Details... Read more

Q: I have a league that is being shown as ended, but it hasn't, what is the cause?

A: The Standing Sheet has been viewed for the final week of league.... Read more

Q: Why doesn't my league show on this week's booking sheet, but shows on next week's booking sheet?

A: The Standing Sheet has been viewed for the current week ... Read more

Q: Why does my league appear on the booking sheet when I have deleted the week of the schedule?

A: The league has a new season date set within the current season... Read more

Q: My league is showing as ended but it is still being displayed on the Booking Sheet

A: The "Next Season Date" check box is checked... Read more