Q: How do I remove bowler's carry average for the beginning of the season?

A: There is a very simple method to perform this action, yet this is very powerful. Proceed with care. By default when creating a new league season, the system will use the bowler's finishing average for the league and set it as their carry average for the new season. Open your selected league and go into F2 Team Details. At the top of the screen select the 'Edit' option, select Set Carry Games. You will then be presented with this screen: setcarrygames1.jpg You should now select the Options "Clear Carry Average" and "Apply to All Bowlers". These options will now remove the Carry Average for All Bowlers. The system will set the Carry Average to all bowlers to the average of which they bowled in the first week of league. Note: This is a very powerful option, you should only perform this option if you are sure you know what this option will perform.