Q: When I start a tournament in Control Lanes, the squad time appears on a number of Squads but not all squads?

The operator may require a 'Shift Mangers' level password A: The operator can do two things that could fix this problem, in the following order:

  1. Ensure there are no grids relating to the tournament on the lanes and Validate the League (System Management > Repair), close down and restart Control Lanes and check the start time THEN
  2. Enter F4 League Schedule
    • Select the desired squad from the drop down list 'Select Squad'
    • Press the Repair button
    • Mark the check box labelled 'Recalculate dates playing every' and ensure the the 'Same Date' option is selected from the drop down box
    • Press OK to save changes and exit the F4 League Schedule screen.
    • Close down and restart Control Lanes and then check the start times.

The operator will now notice that automatic block changing will now be happening for each block of the squad.