Q: What does an 'Access Denied' Windows error mean, and how do I fix it?

A: Access denied is a Windows generated error and is created where a program is attempting to access a file (Computer Score) that has already been open exclusively by another program (Virus Scanners). You can overcome this problem a number of ways:

  1. Remove the AntiVirus scanner from computers that operate Computer Score;
  2. Tell the AntiVirus Scanner not to scan 'P:/*' or;
  3. Add all file type extensions that Computer Score uses or the File Type extensions that appear on the Access Denied error to the Do Not Scan or Safe list.

If these suggestions do not overcome the Access Denied error, then please contact your Computer Score support staff. A quick remedy to overcome the problem is to reboot the problem computers and load Computer Score. This will stop the problem until next time the AntiVirus scanner (or some other program) needs to check the problem file(s).