Q: Can I change the amount of players or games in a league after weeks have been bowled?

Computer Score does NOT recommend changing the amount of players or the amount of games after weeks have been bowled in a season The operator will require a 'Shift Managers' level password A: The system is able to handle the change but there are quite a few steps involved. You must follow these steps IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER:

  1. Open the desired league and then select F1 League Setup
  2. In the F1 League Setup screen, select the Edit button and change "Next Match is Week" to "1". Press OK to Save changes. Do Not exit the F1 League Setup Screen
  3. Press the Edit button again to change the amount of players or the amount of games to the desired amount. Press OK to Save changes. Exit the F1 League Setup Screen
  4. Enter F5 Edit Game Scores. You will now notice that there are either missing names (under the entered names already existed) or missing scores (after the already existing scores). The operator will either have to enter Vacancy Scores (for the missing people) or Blind Scores (for the missing games) for ALL TEAMS and WEEKS up until the next week's match. Once finished select OK and then exit the screen.
  5. Validate the league to check for any errors. If the log displays "Check Scores errors" then take note of the week number as you may have missed that week to enter a Vacancy or Blind Score
  6. Now view each Standing Sheet starting from Week 1 up to but not including the current week
  7. The league is now able to play the next match week with the changes put in place

These changes should only be made by those operators that are familiar with the League Secretary module.