Computer Score's premium LCD VGA monitors were chosen for the DUO system, to display crisp and clear images.  

The simple, yet effective suspension frame is also specifically designed for quick and easy installation, providing your customers with the best viewing angle from any location in the center.    

Professional crews or supervisors are available at your discretion, to provide an installation service and on-site training for hardware and software operation, also commission the scoring system with minimum disruption to your trading.


Tenpin Bowling Animated Graphics

Introducing .... Team Tenpin!

Ten lovable characters that enhance the bowlers' experience and celebrate strikes, spares and much more.

....And...YES!...there are five 'boy' and five 'girl' characters, so none of your customers feel 'left out'!

Bowler Interface

Bowling Lane Automatic Scoring

Computer Score's Bowler Interface undoubtedly provides the most simple to use scoring system available.

Easy to use 'Help' menus guide your customers through many functions, such as "Late Pinfall' Rescan, View Scores from Other Lanes in real time, View their Previous games whilst bowling the current game, change their Scoregrid display from 5 to 10 Frames, view the Pindication before bowling the second ball of the frame, even Cycling the pinsetter machine, if your reset buttons are inoperative.

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Bowler Interface

Game Command


Tenpin Bowling Equipment Hardware

The hardware for the Computer Score DUO system is broadly divided into five components that combine into one of the simplest technically-advanced scoring systems available today, consisting of: DuoHD CPU unit / DuoHD Camera unit / Bowler Keypad / LCD Display Monitors / Connection Cables

DuoHD can operate on a Stand-Alone basis - it does not require a computer to score. All Scores, Animated Graphics and Screen Messages will be displayed without any network being in place. International Centers may provide their own computers, network equipment and overhead displays. Well-documented manuals are provided for Installation Procedures and Software Operations.

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Lane Scoring Setup

Point of Sale

Tenpin Bowling Automatic Scoring

Computer Score's fully integrated Point Of Sale Cash Control system is extremely easy to use. Combinations of up to ten various items can be sold in one common transaction with the touch of a single item button. Unlimited Departments and Items  can be easily set up in seconds, according to your individual requirements.

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Lane Control

Point of Sale

Cafe & Bar

Lane Reservation

Finance Management

Ten Pin Bowling Alley Management System

Bowling Business management has never been easier!

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League Secretary

Pro Shop

Financial Management